Messaging Solutions for a Smarter Future

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Company Vision

TraiTel Telecommunications is focused on providing the best possible service for our customers.

Even though our core network is fully functional, we proactively seek constant improvements in order to bring better and more sophisticated technologies to the marketplace.

On a daily basis our network handles thousands of business critical messages that have to travel and reach any given point. These messages are both sensitive in nature and critical in terms of delivery.

That is why we are determined to perform to the highest possible standard, and to deliver a world-class service to all of the customers and businesses who rely on us each and every day. This is the pledge to our customers that we are working night and day to deliver. We also know what needs to be done and the level of investment that is required to achieve this.

We have conducted extensive research and listened to what customers and businesses alike require of a company that they will entrust to handle their daily messaging requirements. We have taken into account all of this feedback and stand ready to be measured by the company's expertise and commitment: Our aim is that businesses will trust us to help them in moving forward to a better and brighter future.

In return, we aim to be known for providing a bullet-proof service which is fast, safe, welcoming, simple and integrated.

Our mission:

  • Bullet-proof: we will not settle for anything less than a hundred percent up time
  • Fast: the quickest way for you to receive and send daily messages
  • Secure: security is at the core of everything we do
  • Welcoming: market setting prices, professionalism coupled with highly trained and helpful staff
  • Simple: easy to understand, easy to use
  • Integrated: a key link to our service


Our plan:

Our plan puts customers first at all times and recognizes that this is the only route towards a successful future. This applies throughout our whole company structure and in every single process - not just in the initial phases of bringing you as a customer on board.