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SMS (Text Message) Replies

For only $10.86 + applicable taxes per month, you can get unlimited replies to any of your messages sent through TraiTel.

What number do our customers send to?

To the number they received your original message from - you must first send an SMS (Text Message) to receive a reply.

Is that our number? Can we publish it or pass it around to receive replies from anyone?

No. Everyone you send an SMS to will receive it from a different number, however each person will only ever receive your messages from one number. If someone else sends to that number, their reply will go nowhere, since our system won't know who they're trying to send it to.

How can we receive inbound SMS (text messages) without sending one first?

You can get a dedicated inbound SMS number.

Where do our replies go?

To your TTMessenger. You can also request replies to email, add an http reply forwarding URL inside your account, or enable reply-forwarding in your account to have your replies forwarded to your mobile.

What is an "http reply forwarding URL" ?

Ask your web developer or IT specialist. Basically it is a web page which can accept your SMS replies for processing. Great for custom SMS applications.