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SMS Plugin for Outlook

TraiTel is pleased to release our latest software product, an SMS plugin for Microsoft Outlook.


Many of our customers use Outlook for not only email, but managing their business contacts, and appointments. A common request has been for a way to send directly from Outlook, including messages based on appointment times.


  • Send an SMS directly to a contact
  • Send reminder SMS messages based on appointments in your Outlook Calendar
  • Customize messages with fields from the appointment or the name of the contact


Download the installer here



Run the installer above, and follow the on screen instructions to install the plugin.

You must have administrator rights to install this software, if the installation fails, check with your system administrator.

Restart Outlook to activate the plugin.

Plugin setup

Click SMS Options, and enter your TraiTel username and password.

Sending single SMS messages to contacts

  1. Click Send SMS
  2. Type the name of the contact you wish to send to in the "To:" field, plugin will auto-complete with matched names.
  3. Type your message in the Message field
  4. Click Send

Sending a batch of SMSes to appointment attendees

Create appointments in your Outlook calendar, and add attendees, who have mobile numbers in their contact information.

Click "Batch SMS" in Outlook, and select/create the message template to use, you can include "tags" which will be replaced with information from the contacts address book file or the calendar event. The possible tags are [first name], [appt date], and [appt time].

Set the timeframe to be covered by this batch, this is the "window" of calendar date which will be checked for appointments to send reminders about.

Set the reminder lead time, this is how far in advance of the appointment time the reminder will be sent to the attendee, e.g. if the appointment is at 4pm on Tuesday, and you set the reminder lead time to 1 day, the attendees will receive their reminders around 4pm on Monday.