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Real Numbers

A TraiTel Real Number is a replacement for a traditional phone line coming into your building from one of the incumbent telcos. The difference being a Real Number can be directed to a VoIP handset or TTMessenger.

How does a Real Number work?

Real Numbers are phone numbers assigned to one of TraiTel's data centers, when a call comes into a Real Number, we direct it according to your account settings, we can put that call through to your phone, answer the call with our IVR system, transfer the call to another PSTN number (e.g. your mobile) or send the call to Voicemail.

Why are they called Real Numbers?

As opposed to Virtual Numbers a Real Number can take a call from outside the TraiTel network, just like a normal phone number.

I already have a phone number, can I have that as my Real Number?

Yes. See our Number Porting page for more details.

What happens to a call when I'm already on the phone?

That depends on how many Real Numbers you have on your account. Think of a Real Number like a "line" into your account, if you have one Real Number you can take one inbound call, if you get two calls at once, the second will go to voicemail.

If you have multiple Real Numbers on your account, you can take that many concurrent inbound calls.