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Personalized SMS (Text Messages)

TTMessenger is one of our recommended methods for sending bulk SMS. With TTMessenger you can quickly and easily import thousands of names and numbers into the phone book and just as quickly send an SMS (text message) to all those contacts.

In some cases however, you will want to send more customized SMS messages to a large audience, which can be done via our web-based interface that you get access to when an account has been created.

Most of the information on this page is an extract from what is shown on our web interface which you can also view by logging in to our demo account by using the log in button above. You will find this information under the "Send SMS" menu, under "Merge information".

The SMS (text message) Broadcast Tool allows you to send customized SMS Messages to a list of recipients. The utility will replace keywords or tags in each SMS with details taken from your recipient list. For example, if you have 1000 contacts to whom you want to send a message, and you want their own name to appear in the message, you can prepare an SMS broadcast file with a "Name" tag in the message, and send it using this utility.
Sender ID:  
Note: Replies to TTMessenger are only available if you have subscribed to the 2-way SMS service, or if you are still in the 2-Way SMS demo period. Selecting 'Replies to TTMessenger' without the 2-Way SMS service will put a random mobile number as the Sender-ID
  Import Contacts from CSV:

Broadcast structure:
A custom SMS broadcast entails two parts: The CSV file and Message.

The first row of the CSV file must be the header row. Each column must be named in this row. For example, the CSV row could be: number,first_name,last_name,age. Remember that the first column of the CSV file must be the mobile number in full international format
The Message is entered in the "Message" field. This SMS Message contains the custom tags. A custom tag is any tag that was entered in the CSV and must be enclosed within square brackets [ ]. Each tag will be replaced by the corresponding data in your recipient list.


The CSV header row contains the names of each custom field in the SMS message (without the square brackets) and in this example would be:

Following the header line, each recipient number and it's associated details must be listed. Like the header line, each recipient line starts with the recipient mobile number, followed by the data for each custom field, separated by a comma.
17055550123,Brad,Dole,9:00 AM17055551234,Bob,Carl,11:00 AM17055554567,Sarah,Jacobs,1:30 PM17055558523,Simon,Richard,3:30 PM

Specific Requirements:
- Line termination: Both Windows CSV Files and Unix CSV Files are acceptable
- Each item in the Recipient List must be separated by ONE comma
- Mobile numbers must be written in international format, including the country code
- SMS Maximum length: 160 characters
- Messages over 160 characters will be divided into two or more messages
- A charge applies for each message sent
- Messages will not be delivered to non-mobile numbers,
  such as premium numbers and land-lines.

CSV File:number,First,Last,Time17055550123,Brad,Dole,9:00 AM17055551234,Bob,Carl,11:00 AM17055554567,Sarah,Jacobs,1:30 PM17055558523,Simon,Richard,3:30 PM

This file will send the following SMSs:
17055550123 Dear Brad Dole , don't forget your appointment at 9:00 AM today! - Dentist - 555 Main St. Los Angeles
17055551234 Dear Bob Carl , don't forget your appointment at 11:00 AM today! - Dentist - 555 Main St. Los Angeles
17055554567 Dear Sarah Jacobs , don't forget your appointment at 1:30 PM today! - Dentist - 555 Main St. Los Angeles
17055558523 Dear Simon Richards, don't forget your appointment at 3:30 PM today! - Dentist - 555 Main St. Los Angeles